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We are here to help with MIPS

MIPS rules are confusing. The measure specs can be hard to understand. Workflow and systems are sometimes unaccommodating. We get it. We can help. Our experts provide consulting services to help you achieve the best possible outcome.


Not sure you understand the rules or what you need to do to achieve your goals?  We can help create a strategy that is tailored to your specific goals.

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Measure Selection

Need assistance selecting measures?  We can help ensure you choose measures that maximize your quality and incentives.

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Data Collection

Unsure about data collection?  We can help you identify the datasets necessary to calculate your specific measures accurately.

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MIPS Essentials

We study MIPS so you don’t have to.  Give our synopsis articles a quick read through to understand the essentials of  the MIPS program.

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The tools to recognize your MIPS quality

Support for Individual Clinicians & Groups

Whether you are reporting as an individual provider or a group we can support you.  All our tools work the same for groups or individual providers

Data Analysis

Let us calculate your denominators and performance using our advanced analytic tools.  Upload your data using our secure data tools and we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Consulting Services

You deliver excellent care. We provide expertise for reporting optimal results.  Whether you need help selecting measures, analyzing your data or optimizing your protocols we can help.

Quality Reports

See your performance at a glance. Identify patients not at goal. Super charge your quality initiatives with the visibility you need.

Report all Categories

With Covisint you can report Quality, IA and PI measures.  We support all IA and PI measures, including exceptions so you can consolidate your total score in one fell swoop.

Data Upload

Covisint supports data upload so you get results quickly.  Upload patients, measures or encounters and leave the rest to us.

Recognize your quality & get your biggest MIPS payment ever!